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Post Natal Plans - How to Make One And What You Can Include - Written By El The Doula

We spend so much time prepping for birth and getting things ready for the baby when they're here but how much time do we spend planning our own recovery and wellbeing postpartum?

Planning your postpartum to ensure that you're looked after and get the rest and support that you need can have a monumental impact on those first months with a new baby.

This will look like different things to different people and there's no right or wrong way to plan it. When it was me I picked and chose the things that worked for me and fit with my resources and lifestyle.

A good first step to making your plan is to take stock of your support system and resources. Do you have family and friends nearby? Do any of them love to batch cook and could include you in one week? Is one of them free during the week and could pop in for a cuppa, an adult conversation and a round of washing up?

Our friends and families WANT to help us, they often don't know exactly how best to help so don't be afraid to ASK. What's the worst that can happen?

Outside of people you know you can look at outside help. Does your budget stretch to a regular cleaner for those first weeks or a postnatal doula who can support you in a myriad of ways? If you can't batch cook, can you order in some healthy pre cooked meals?

Do you know how you want to feed and do you know where you can get support if you need it? Have you scoped out the baby groups?

There are so many factors that can be prepared and planned for, too many for just one post.

If postnatal planning is something you want to look further into then please get in touch and we can discuss ways in which I can support you with making one.



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