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Reiki & Updated April Availability

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that targets the energy fields around the body. Your  therapist will place their hands lightly over specific areas of the body to channel energy  and activate the natural healing process. This treatment works to balance and bring  harmony to the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. ⠀

To book this beautifully relaxing treatment, please click here.

All of my other treatments can be seen and booked here. I've limited availability for the remainder of April:⠀

Sat 20th: 45mins 10:30am⠀

Tues 23rd: 60mins 5pm⠀

Weds 24th: 90mins 6pm⠀

Thurs 25th: 90mins 6pm⠀

Tues 30th: 60mins 5.30pm

Book now to avoid disappointment

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