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Hello, my name is Emma, founder of The Pixie Retreat

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The Pixie Retreat is more than just a business for me.  The experience of my own recovery from breast cancer inspired me to start my own career in therapies.

Following surgery, I went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy between 2011 and 2012 and during that time, I received wonderful therapies from a very special therapist called Josie.  The therapies were there to help with our mental health and well-being and were courtesy of the NHS.
It turned out that Josie was a breast cancer survivor too.  Josie's words of wisdom and healing touch helped my recovery no end and inspired me to want to help other people too.

In 2018 I started planning a month-long visit to the home of Ayurveda, Kerala in Southern India.  My employer at the time was unable to allow me the annual leave to enable this trip so after lots of thought and some serious soul searching, I decided I was at last going to stop dreaming about helping with people’s health and well-being and actually take the steps to becoming a therapist.  I am SO glad I did as it is just such a rewarding job, I love treating people to lovely therapies and helping them to feel better. I feel that at last I’ve finally found my true calling. 



The Pixie Retreat aims to enhance the well-being of each of our clients by providing high quality holistic therapies in a safe, relaxing and compassionate environment.

Whether your personal objective is feeling refreshed and relaxed or revitalized and focused, our bespoke sessions are tailored to suit our client's individual needs.

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