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Self-Care for Spring 2024

Happy Spring Equinox

In the northern hemisphere, the Spring or Vernal Equinox falls on the 20th of March this year. This significant event signifies a day where day and night are of equal length worldwide, with the term equinox originating from the Latin words for "equal night."

As the northern hemisphere gradually leans towards the sun, our days lengthen and nights shorten, ushering in the spring season with the promise of warmer days. Conversely, this transition marks the onset of autumn for our friends in the southern hemisphere.

Due to Earth's elliptical orbit around the sun, the equinox varies in date each year, occurring on the 19th, 20th, or 21st of March. Although many cultures celebrate the entire day as the equinox, it technically represents the precise moment when the sun crosses the equator.

In the northern hemisphere, the March equinox is traditionally honored as a time of balance, rebirth, and new possibilities

Here are some self-care rituals to embrace the arrival of spring and welcome this new season

  • Walking Meditation: Reconnect with nature awakening from its slumber, and create space for yourself. Each step offers an opportunity for mindfulness, engaging your senses. Listen to the surrounding sounds, feel the sensations in your body, the touch of the breeze, breathe in the fresh scents of Spring, and be fully present in your mind and body as you walk.

  • Enjoy a Spiritual Bath: Start fresh this spring by cleansing your body and mind. Purify your surroundings with sage, light candles, and indulge in an aromatherapy bath to centre and relax.

  • Declutter Your Space: Spend time clearing out the remnants of winter from your home. Open the windows, let in the fresh air, and welcome the revitalising energy of spring.

  • Journaling: Dedicate time to journaling to declutter your mind. Write about your reflections on the past season, your aspirations for spring, your emotions, gratitude, and desires for change.

  • Plant Seeds: Regardless of your gardening space, tap into the rejuvenating spring energy by planting seeds. Whether it's a garden full of flowers and veggies or herbs on your kitchen windowsill, getting your hands dirty in soil can be therapeutic.

  • Spring Clean Your Diet: Transition from winter comfort foods to a lighter, fresher diet with more fruits and vegetables. Stay hydrated, avoid heavy winter meals, and opt for lighter, healthier options to align with the vibrant energy of spring.

  • Book an Aromatherapy Massage: At The Pixie Retreat, these wonderfully balancing treatments are tailored specifically to your needs and the oils are blended especially for you and your wellness goals.

  • Book a Reiki Healing Treatment: What better way to balance and centre yourself for the transition to the new season. all treatments can be booked here:

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