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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Swadlincote DE11 at The Pixie Retreat.

The lymphatic system needs to be stimulated through movement to prevent it from declining or becoming stagnant where the body might accumulate too much waste, where you may experience symptoms like persistent headaches, brain fog, lack of energy, sore throat, bloating, skin issues and much more.

This treatment is light in pressure, rhythmic and flowing. MLD aids relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain and supports the immune system.

Benefits include:

Pain Management

Improves headaches and sinus congestion

Reduces stress, agitation and anxiety

Sprains and strains

Aids Digestion

Benefits oedema and lymphoedema (Swelling)

Pre and post surgery to support tissue congestion and minimize scarring

Helps with Allergies and/or Brain Fog


Can improve immune functions

Body Fluid Balance

I actually added this treatment to my menu at the beginning of the year but I don't think I've shouted enough about it enough, as people have reported not knowing that I offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It really is amazingly effective and I am SO grateful to have this technique in my ever expanding tool kit.

(Look out for new treatments being added later this year)

Whatsapp/Message: 07843 172782


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