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Spotlight on Essential Oils used for Aromatherapy Massage at The Pixie Retreat

Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with an Aromatherapy Massage at The Pixie Retreat!

If you're looking for an amazing Aromatherapy massage, look no further than The Pixie Retreat. Our skilled aromatherapist chooses and blends essential oils that will address your specific needs, so you can leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

. The use of essential oils in massage is known to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. The aroma from essential oils triggers an emotional response in the brain, elevating mood and providing a sense of calmness. Using natural massage oils also improves the flexibility of the skin

This week a popular choice has been Lime essential oil. The bright scent of the oil, similar to other citrus oils like orange and lemon, has an uplifting quality that helps alleviate stress and leaves you energized. Additionally, the Lime Essential Oil has cleansing properties that work as a surface cleaner and to remove grease spots, leaving behind a fresh, citrusy scent.

Because of its affinity with our immune system, Lime can help to relieve pain in the joints and muscles and is especially handy to have around during cold and flu season. Lime essential Oil also possesses anti oxidant properties and can help with inflammation. This oil is uplifting and refreshing and is renowned in folklore for cleansing, renewing and purifying the spirit. As many of my regular clients will already know, my absolute favourite oils to blend with Lime are Ginger and Black Pepper. I use this particular blend within my Aromatherapy Massage and also as a Bath Oil

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